Nobuya Kobori “New Official Releases for 308th Consecutive Days”

Nobuya Kobori 小堀暢也
2 min readNov 21, 2021


Today’s Nobuya Kobori Officially New Release Music

[1] Ragamuffin(DX-7 Bell Piano Version)

Composed & Recorded by Nobuya Kobori
Photo the Artwork by Nobuya Kobori
Designed the Artwork by Nobuya Kobori
Official Music Links :


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Thank you for your listening music.

Nobuya Kobori’s new officially songs are continuing to release on everyday (via Distrokid etc.)

See you tomorrow’s next Nobuya Kobori officially release music.

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Kirie Artwork: Norikazu Kosuge(Special thanks a lot!) YouTube Playlist :​

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[1] Healing Music Radio (2021/11/21 12:00AM)

[2] Healing Music Radio (2021/11/21 6:00PM)

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Nobuya Kobori 小堀暢也