Nobuya Kobori “New Official Releases for 269th Consecutive Days”

Today’s Nobuya Kobori Officially New Release Music

[1] Artist Name :NOBURI(Nobuya Kobori Another Artist Name)
Title :Scenes from Childhood №9 in C Major Op. 15 “Knight of the Hobbyhorse” (Harpsichord Version) 子供の情景 木馬の騎士 Op.15–9 ハ長調

Kirie Artwork: Norikazu Kosuge(Special thanks a lot!)
Kirie ArtWork Norikazu Kosuge YouTube Playlist :

Composer : Robert Schumann
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[2] Devon Rex(DX-7 Bell Piano Version)

Composed & Recorded by Nobuya Kobori
Painted the Artwork by Katsuji Kobori
Designed the Artwork by Nobuya Kobori
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