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Nobuya Kobori 小堀暢也
7 min readJan 17, 2023

(In English)
This is what I have decided to do as I can.

For music that I have direct control over, such as Bandcamp;
1) Release my original piano album on the 1st of every month.
2) Release my genre-less original album on the 28th of every month.

3) Daily piano single piece are releases.
4) Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, my genre-less original songs are releases.
5) Every first and second Monday, I release cover songs.
(* YouTube or the distributed stores only. Then there are not on Bandcamp etc because of cover songs.)
6) Every third and subsequent Mondays, I release public domain songs.
7) My Spoken Word & Piano songs to the release every Friday.
8) Classical music on every Wednesday. 9) Every Thursday I release music videos and surprise music.

10) Every March, June, September, and December, I release an album of music for a surprise project.
11) Every January, and July, I release an album of music for public domain songs.

For releases that I have no direct control over, such as official releases from Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
12) Every January, March, May, July, September, and November, I release my music album of official releases such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon etc.

* There may be times when unavoidable circumstances arise and the platform is changed. In that case, I will continue on that new music platform.

* There are other on continuing contents such as the blogs and TikTok, but I have omitted them from this.

Starting with my 1st single “Affection” on 2014, I’m progressing forward to the present and the future with you.

Thank you for your listening music.
Nobuya Kobori

(In Japanese 日本語)





③ 毎日、ピアノの単曲をリリースしています。
④ 毎週火・土・日は、ジャンルレスなオリジナル曲を発表しています。
⑤ 毎週第一、第二月曜日は、カバー曲をリリースしています。
(※ YouTubeまたは配信ストアのみ。その後、カバー曲のためBandcampなどにはありません)。
⑥ 毎週第3月曜日以降、パブリックドメイン曲を公開。
⑦ 毎週金曜日は、私のスポークンワード&ピアノ曲のリリース。
⑧ 毎週水曜日はクラシック音楽。
⑨ 毎週木曜日はミュージックビデオとサプライズ音楽をリリース。

⑩ 毎年3月、6月、9月、12月にサプライズ企画でアルバム音源を公開。
⑪ 毎年1月、7月に、パブリックドメインの楽曲のアルバムをリリースしています。

SpotifyやApple Musicなどからの公式リリースなど、私が直接コントロールできないリリースについて。
⑫ 毎年1月、3月、5月、7月、9月、11月に、公式リリースのアルバムをリリースしています。

※ 今後、何らかのやむを得ない事情が発生し、プラットフォームを変更する場合があります。その場合は、その新しい音楽プラットフォームから継続していくことになります。

※ その他、ブログやTikTokなど継続的なコンテンツがありますが、ここでは割愛させていただきました。

2014年のファーストシングル「Affection」を皮切りに、現在、そして未来へと… 皆さんと一緒に進んでいきます。



(Nobuya Kobori Profile)

Nobuya Kobori (in Japanese Kanji “小堀 暢也”)
Born April 29, 1977 in Aomori Prefecture. Raised in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Started composing music at the age of 14.

He has been producing various songs since the time when online music distribution was not yet recognized in Japan.
Currently, he is struggling to continue releasing music every day, including the music he was producing back then.

He is a composer/arranger of all genres, singer in Japanese or English, DJ, lyricist in Japanese or English, album artwork designer.
His production areas are diverse.

The numerous number of original piano pieces he has produced also impresses him as a healing musician.
One of his lifelong goals is to release all 100,000 of his original piano compositions.

(In Japanese 日本語)
小堀暢也(こぼり のぶや)